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Surgical & Safety Products

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Surgical Products:

Alcohol swab, sterile
Cotton swab with wooden stick, sterile
Plain dry swabs in tubes, sterile
Plain dry swabs in peel pouches, sterile

Gauze & Sponge:
4-Ply Non-Woven Sponge
Non-Woven Sponge Roll, 100m
4-Ply Gauze Roll
Gauze sponge

2-Ply non woven mask, white

Cap,Hand,Shoe,Beard Cover:
Round Cap
Sleeve cover
Boot cover
Plastic shoe cover

Sterilization Pouches & Reel:

Sterilization pouches
a. 133mm x 57mm
b. 250mm x 70mm
c. 257mm x 90mm
d. 283mm x 135mm

Sterilization Reel
a. 200m x 50mm
b. 200m x 75mm
c. 200m x 100mm
d. 200m x 200mm

Cotton Roll & Applicator:
Cotton wool roll ,500g
Cotton wool ball, 0.6g
Cotton tip applicator

Sterile Surgical Blade & handle:
Surgical Blade, Variable Type (No. 10, 10a, 11, 12, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27)
Scalpel Blade Handle, stainless steel (Type No.3 and No. 4)

Safety Product:

Protective Apparel:
Laboratory coats
Coverall (Chemical protective & light duty coverall)
Protective Oversleeve
Protective Overhood
Shoe & Boot covers

Face Protection:
Disposable face mask
Faceshields & Visors

Eyewear Protection:
Safety goggles (anti-fog)
Safety glasses

Respiratory Protection:
Disposable respirators Particulate respirators, dust mask
Disposable respirators Particulate respirators, Organic vapour
Disposable respirators Particulate respirators, acid gas mask)
Reusable respiratos, half face respirators
Reusable respiratos, full face respirators
catridge & filters

Hand Protection:
Examination Gloves (Letax, Nitrile & Vinyl)
Chemical Resistance Gloves (Latex, Nitrile & Neoprene)
Cut Resistance Gloves
Acid Gloves
Cryo Gloves

Hearing Protection:

Shower / Eyewash combination units
Safety Cabinets (flammable, acids and corrosives cabinets)

Spill Control:
Spill control (Chemical & sorbent pad)
Spill Kits (Universal & Chemicals)
a. Fire Blanket
b. First aid kit
c. Aluminum Foil
d. Parafilm
e. Autoclave Bag with BIOHAZARD warning symbol

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