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Aspirator Bottle come with screw cap, carrying handle and tap :
Capacity Type of handle(s) Dimensions
5 Liters Stainless steel carrying handle 320mm x 170mm
10 Liters Stainless steel carrying handle 390mm x 200mm
25 Liters 2 moulded shoulder handles 480mm x 290mm
60 Liters 2 Plastic handles 650mm x 400mm

Wash Bottle:
Wash bottle with screw caps
LDPE, oval shape, 250ml
LDPE, oval shape, 500ml
HDPE, narrow neck, 1000ml

Wash bottle, narrow neck, printed-on hazard-symbols, LDPE
a. Printed : Acetone
b. Printed : Ethanol
c. Printed : Methanol
d. Printed : Iso-propanol
e. Printed : Distilled water

Sample bottles (variable volume):
a. Material : LDPE
b. Material : HDPE
c. Material : PET-G

Measuring cylinder, hexagonal base, PP (variable volume)
Beakers, autoclavable, PP (variable volume)
Measuring Jug with hanlde, autoclavable, PP (variable volume)
Volumetric Flask with Poly-stopper, PP (variable volume)

Filter Funnels, PP (variable volume)
Powder Funels, PP (variable volume)
Buchner Funnels, PP (variable volume)
Measuring Scoops, PP (varible volume)
Vacuum Desiccators, PP (variable volume)

Glass Fiber Spatula:
Glass fiber spatula, flat ends, 150mm
Glass fiber spatula, flat ends, 180mm
Glass fiber spatula, one spoon ends, 150mm
Glass fiber spatula, one spoon ends, 180mm

Keck Conical Joints Clips:
Keck Conical Joints Clips, for variable socket size and cone size (variable color)

Ground Joint Sleeves:
Ground Joint Sleeves , PTFE for sealing conical glass joints (variable socket size and cone size)

Rubber/Silicone Stoppers (variable size)
Rubber Teat
Pipette Stand
Pipette stand, vertical, for 94 pipettes, rotary rack

Pipette Filler & Pipette Pumps
Hoses Tubing (Silicone, PVC, PTFE Tubing Etc)

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