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General Apparatus

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Magnetic Stirring Bar (Cylindrical, Octagon, Oval & Shape)-variable dimensions
Magnetic Stirring Retriever
Moisture Dish
Spatula, One Spoon End
Chattaway Spatula
Micro-Chattaway Spatula
Palette Knives
Horn Spatula
Forceps (Sharp, Blunt & Curved End)
Cover Slip Forceps
Dissecting Scissors (Open & Closed Shanks, Straight & Curved)
Dissecting Set
Bone Cutter (Overlapping & Coil Spring)
Microscope Slide Box
Clamps (Universal & 3-prongs)
Burette clamp, double
Bosshead, alloy
Retort Ring with integral bosshead
Retort Stand Base & Rod
Bunsen burner
Laboratory Jack
Tripod stand (Triangular & circular)
Wire gauzes
Tongs (crucibles, beakers, flasks& dishes, straight & with bow)
Cork borer
Wire holders (Aluminium, platinum & plastic handle)
Cork ring for round bottom flask (support)
Portable camping gas Burner
Glassware Draining Rack
Brushes (Test tube, measuring cylinder, measuring pipette, burette, beaker, flasks & reagent bottles)
Test tube holder

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